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General Dentistry

General dentistry covers a range of treatment options and procedures fundamental to protecting and maintaining a good standard of oral health.

What is general dentistry?

Regular visits to your general dentist are pivotal to ensuring your mouth, teeth and gums remain healthy. However, it’s estimated over a quarter of adults in the UK only visit their dentist when a problem arises. Why do so many people put off visiting their dentist? It’s not uncommon to be nervous or anxious when visiting the dentist. Many people are also concerned about the financial aspect of treatment and regular checkups.

However, you wouldn’t be alone if the reason you do not visit your general dentist is due to a misunderstanding of how important check-ups are, what they cover and aim to achieve. In this post, we will discuss what general dentistry is and why it is so important to have routine examinations.
Fissure Sealants
Fissure sealants or dental sealants refers to a plastic which the dentist bonds into the grooves of the chewing surface of a tooth as a means of helping to prevent the formation of tooth decay (cavities).
Oral Cancer Screening
Both the Dentist and Hygienist will regularly screen for oral cancer which is easily treatable if detected early.
Hygiene Care
Our hygienists will help you maintain a confident healthy smile and advise you on how to do this at home.
Restorative Treatment
We have the most advanced equipment and materials to ensure long lasting restorations.
Root Canal Therapy
This treatment may be necessary to save a badly broken or painful tooth. We have a dentist who specialises in this treatment. He uses the latest equipment and magnification loops to ensure comfortable, high quality results.
Tooth extraction is the last resort. We will try to prevent tooth loss and will advise you on how to avoid this in the future.
A wide variety of crowns are available, ranging from natural looking porcelain to gold alloy.
Removable Dentures
We provide comfortable, natural looking and long lasting dentures.
A bridge will replace missing teeth with minimum intervention.
Gas & Air (Laughing Gas)
This treatment may be required if you are anxious or have dental phobias.

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